Frequently Asked Questions

At Revelation Enterprise, we remain tried and trusted experts with exceptional tree service solutions for our clients. We are addressing common queries on this page for insights. We encourage our clients to contact us to learn more information. Our approaches are second to none across Arlington, TN.

What services do tree companies offer?

As trained professionals in our domain, we have always ensured that we exceed our customers’ expectations irrespective of the complications involved. We offer affordable tree upkeep, pruning, and even removal solutions. We get contacted for tree cabling, bracing, and even stump removals. We also provide landscaping that clients can truly rely upon without any causes for concern.

What signs indicate that a tree needs to be removed?

The most prominent sign that there is a dire need for tree removal is if it starts to show signs of decay. Unexpected leaning of the tree can also be a sign of loss of structural integrity and can lead to accidental tree tipping during storms, endangering nearby properties. Trees that are infested and have diseases are a massive threat to nearby trees as such ailments can spread relatively quickly and can cause the entire landscape to be at risk. Getting professional help can ensure that if there are early signs of threat from trees on any given landscape, it can be removed using the right tools.

How often should I have my trees trimmed?

On average, when it comes to scheduling a tree cutting service, it is highly recommended that property owners invest in pruning the trees on their landscape every 2-5 years. Young trees must be maintained more often, and more mature trees operate on a 3-5-year cycle. A certified arborist can figure out the overall period that works best for your particular tree. If you are looking for specific dimensions to be maintained, then getting professional help is ideal.

What is the best time of year to prune or trim trees?

It’s good to have the foresight to invest in an affordable tree trimming service during the best possible time for the trees. It is the ideal way to minimize the odds of any damage occurring to the trees. Typically, late winders from February through early March are considered the perfect times to prune most tree species as they are dormant.

What steps should I take to prepare for tree removal on my property?

The most essential steps to consider when it comes to preparing to remove a tree are the following:

1. Consider the overall effects of the tree removal on the surrounding landscape.

2. Ensure that the entire area around the tree is free from obstacles.

3. Protect your property and belongings during the entire removal procedure.

4. Ensure you notify your neighbors of the process, which is quite comprehensive.

5. Invest in hiring the right professionals for the job at hand.

What is stump grinding, and is it necessary after tree removal?

The entire process of removing stumps from the ground using specialized machines called grinders to even out the surface of the landscape after a tree has been removed from a property is stump grinding. Stumps should be removed as if left neglected, they can become breeding grounds for pests and lead to potential decay and ailments spreading to nearby healthier vegetation.

Do you offer any discounts?

Yes. We offer senior citizens, military, new customers, and even referral discounts. Clients looking to get any work done on their landscape can trust us for exceptional solutions.

How can potential clients take advantage of your free estimate service?

Clients still determining the costs and the investment needed to get their landscape cared for can benefit from our free estimate. We are happy to help customers go into each new project fully informed.

Can you provide a breakdown of your company’s years of experience and expertise?

As trusted professionals with over three decades of experience in our domain, we have provided clients with unmatched solutions. Our company was established in 1982! We are happy to help our clients and are known to go the extra mile often.

Is your company bonded and insured?

Yes. We are certified, bonded, insured, and even have access to special equipment if needed. As professionals in our domain, we are trained to ensure that, irrespective of the requirements placed before us, clients who choose to rely on us are happy with the solutions we bring.

We can ensure that even the most complicated projects are approached with intricate planning and comprehensive execution. Clients needing more insights can contact Revelation Enterprise at (901) 236-2634. We will be happy to help our customers and exceed expectations across Arlington, TN.

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